The new chapter of my life has just began ;)

 HOLA! I'm finally back from Barcelona and Ibiza

This trip was meant to be very important to my life, it's not only for refreshment after quitting beacon after about 4 years of my dedication, but also the treat for myself after all 7 years of hard work since I was graduated. AND the finare of my 20's... although many of my friends have kindly notified me that it's IMPOSSIBLE but this is for my graduation of "partying"... and Ibiza is no wonder the best place to do so. 


The result is, as many expected, it wasn't really the finare but the beginning of the new chapter! (yeah, it seems everyone else knows me better than I do!) But wait, please don't get me wrong, it's not just the new chapter of "partying", this is the new chapter of your LIFE; how to fulfill your life in various aspects. I just learnt a LOT what the true happiness in your life in Ibiza


Ibiza is well known as the party island, but it's really not only about partying. That's the reason why there are many senior tourists. 


I will introduce about Ibiza in details separately while I'm writing here what I felt and learnt from this trip. 


It's ironic that I felt this at the world's best party island but I really felt I want to come back there with my future family again and again untill I get old. People in the island are mostly tourists from Europe and some are from the United States, of course there are lots of locals and Spanish from other island, and they just know how to live your life. They are so liberated to anything restrict you in the hectic town like Tokyo. 


The beautiful blue beach, perfect sky and sunshines. Tasty wines and sangria, refreshing local beer. Tapas, palla, various seafoods served well... and nothing more than that, people with good heart you're accompanied with. That's all you need. How simple the happiness is! Life is beautiful. and you don't need so much to make it come true.


Especially the ancient town and restaurants nearby, that's my favorite place in Ibiza. Every single thing, even a little door nob, or flowers blooming on the street, is just so beautiful. You may not believe it but it's just true.  Just waking on the street in the morning, in the daytime, in the evening.... your heart will be full with happiness. 


If you go down to the party town where you can hear the best sounds literally ALL NIGHT (or I could say ALL DAY), you can find people who knows HOW TO PARTY.

Surprisingly, there weren't wasted guys bothering us at all (of course there were few got caught by cops at the club but that's because of fighting). True party people knows HOW TO PARTY, which DOESN'T mean ordering fuckin' expensive champaines, trying to be cool, getting drunk and hitting on girls for all night (which most of the Japanese stupid guys do in Roppongi), but just get whatever you wanna get and just dive into the sound. Each night, each party gives you respective sounds. Some day they give you deep house, or hitchart, it could be soft house. In any case, the quality of the sound and the vives you feel is just FANTASTIC! 

Of course there are some things you need to care about and be responsible to yourself, but as long as I know, there weren't really bad crimes or dangers I felt expect to the drug deelers on the but they are also good guys. They talk to you (especially because we're Japanese and they know many Japanese come to the island for their "thing") but if you tell them we're not really interested in, in a causal and nice way, they wouldn't push more. Just say "okey, then have a good time!" with smile and that's it. 


By the way, you better be careful with a big ship. A small one is fine but the big one. I got sick on the last day and I literlally TOOL A PILL IN IBIZA. Though it's a seasick pill, not the "right" pill. 


Well, so, as said, the new chapter of my life has just began. 
Whatever I will do in this coming years and whatever achievements I will aim and realize through my business, my life goal is always stay in Ibiza; to be liberated, simply enjoy the happiness with truely beloved family & friends, and live your life to the fullest, as people in Ibiza do.