Innovation and creative development - commonality and differences


(1) 発想の起点がクライアント・ブリーフではなく事業戦略にある
(2) 開発プロセスでは、まとまった形の情報や提案を、主従関係の外部同士のやりとりで交換し合うのではなく、内部から共走してプロセスを共有し一緒に押し上げていく(まさにアクセラレーター)
(3) 最終的なアウトプットがクリエイティブではなくイノベーションないしはビジネスそのものであること。



I really think things like new business development and start-up branding have commonalities to what creative agency does during creative planning. (Although lots more are required like skills and knowledges about business, investment, market, technology and more importantly, ability to get things done.)

What makes a big difference are;
(1) Starting point is business strategy itself, not a client brief
(2) Escort from the inside of the organization and share development processes together to push the idea up for realization, not a back-and-forth correspondences of batches of information/proposals between a master-servant relationship (aka. client and agency), this is exactly why "accelerator" values!
(3) Final output is innovation or/and business itself, not limited to creatives.

Although I need more study and learnings, this is so much fun!